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Funky Town Disco Music 70s: who was born with this music, hardly Forget, and others,enjoy.

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Saturday Night Fever_1977_O.S.T

Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track was the album that contains the soundtrack of the film Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta. The album was released December 10, 1977, to launch the film, which was released a week later. Immediately climbed to the top of U.S. chart.
Although the album is often credited to the Bee Gees, who are in fact the authors of the most significant songs of the album, in fact it is a compilation of various artists. The album won a Grammy Award and the U.S. reached an incredible recognition of fifteen times platinum. The success was achieved in the world, where the disc is still the 4th best selling of all time, with more than 41 million copies sold. The songs and Calypso Breakdown Jive Talkin, the album, were not included in the film.

1 Stayin' Alive_The Bee Gees
2 How Deep Is Your Love_The Bee Gees
3 Night Fever_The Bee Gees
4 More Than a Woman_The Bee Gees
5. If I Can't Have You_Yvonne Elliman
6 A Fifth of Beethoven_Walter Murphy
7 More Than a Woman_Tavares
8 Manhattan Skyline_David Shire
9 Calypso Breakdown_Ralph MacDonald
10 Night on Disco Mountain_David Shire
11 Open Sesame'_Kool & the Gang
12 Jive Talkin_The Bee Gees
13. You Should Be Dancing_ The Bee Gees
14 Boogie Shoes _ KC & the Sunshine Band
15 Salsation _ David Shire
16 K-Jee _ MFSB
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1 comment:

joe said...

I had that album when it came out, and my faves were "If I can't Have You", "How deep is your love", and "More than a woman". Was never crazy about the Beethoven one.

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