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Funky Town Disco Music 70s

Funky Town Disco Music 70s: who was born with this music, hardly Forget, and others,enjoy.

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Starsky and Hutch_Main Theme_1975

Starsky and Hutch (usually written as Starsky & Hutch) is a 1970s US television series that consisted of a 90-minute pilot movie (originally aired as a Movie of the Week entry) and 92 episodes of 60 minutes each; created by William Blinn, produced by Spelling-Goldberg Productions, and broadcast between April 30, 1975 and May 15, 1979 on the ABC network; distributed by Columbia Pictures Television in the United States and, originally, Metromedia Producers Corporation in Canada and some other parts of the world. Sony Pictures Television is now the worldwide distributor for the series.

The first season of the show had a dark and ominous theme written by Lalo Schifrin that seemed to fit the hard action and violence of the season; the main title version was edited down from the chase climax cue of his score for the pilot episode. The end credits featured a similar piece of ominous music.
1 Main Theme
2 Zebra Three
3 Coffin for Starsky
4 Lap Dance Club
5 Running
6 Silence
7 Rooftop Chase
8 Hugg in the Pits
9 The Convicts
10 Sore Loser, Car Chase
11 Prelude
12 Looking for Larry
13 Omaha Tiger
14 Starsky & Hutch Ending Theme
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Becki said...

The music always brings back the memories for old shows like this :)

Thanks for being one of my top droppers for January!

RE Ausetkmt said...

starsky and hutch was a really good show. I watched it as a teenager. the music was really the best example of blacksploitation themes.

don't you just love Huggy Bear ?

Funky Town Disco Music 70s said...

Hi Mama, Oh Yes, i remember Huggy Bear very funny :)

Thank you Becki ;)

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